With Seahorse Diving come to discover the amazing underwater life of Costa Rica with your Open Water certification, the most popular formation in the world.


Your instructor Padi will teach you the basics of scuba diving and to evolve in complete safety we will meet in a classroom to discuss the theory of diving with themed chapters. Then you will begin with a session in the pool and you will progress in a natural environment to the discovery of the underwater depths, to a depth of 18 meters. This certification is recognized worldwide and will accompany you for all your travels.




New exploration goals, excitement and experience are what the PADI Advanced Open Water course will bring you with Seahorse Diving.

This course is done to deepen your diving knowledge and develop your skills so you can become more confident in the water. You have five adventure dives to make. Deep diving and navigation are mandatory. You can choose three other themed dives depending on your envy and with the help of your monitor. This will allow you to dive up to 30 meters and set yourself again challenge.




CPR and Emergency First Response – Primary and Secondary Care.

First aid and CPR are important techniques to know for any individual involved in adventure sports. In addition, these techniques are required for the Rescue Diver Padi course.

Emergency first response, affiliated with PADI, specializes in teaching techniques for managing life-threatening emergencies. Courses are for anyone, not just for divers. The majority of PADI monitors are also Emergency First Response Instructors!
The fun part of the Emergency First Response training is to learn life-saving techniques in a positive environment. You gain the confidence in yourself and the preparation necessary to intervene in an emergency.




This course is for you if you want to know more about how to prevent problems and react to dive accidents.

Rescue Diver learn to look beyond themselves and consider the safety and well-being of other divers. We will guide you step by step through a theoretical session and of course a work in protected environment to gain experience. While this is a challenging course, it is also a rewarding way to build self-confidence. This course is done in 4 or 5 days and there is only one step left to become a PADI professional.



Travel around the world and make a living by working in the diving industry, becoming a Dive Master by attending classes in a relaxed and professional atmosphere. This is possible with Seahorse Diving.

With your Padi instructor over a period of 1 to 3 months you will extend your theoretical knowledge, perfect your skills in our center and learn everything you need to know to become an excellent Dive Master.

You will also learn coaching techniques and be an unrivaled underwater guide to supervise certified divers. You will get an insight into the sale as well as aspects of marketing a diving center.

You've always dreamed of living with your passion, it's now possible with Seahorse Diving.