Scuba diving sites in Costa Rica

Diving in the Pacific Ocean around the Islands
Catalinas and Murcielagos


We have two main diving areas :


  • Islas Catalinas With these 12 remarkable diving sites.
  • Islas Murcièlagos / Bat Island located in the Santa Rosa National Park with these 4 protected sites.







This is one of the most popular diving destinations in Costa Rica. Whether you are a seasoned diver or a new diver, you will be enchanted by the underwater life found only in this magical place.

Because the islands are secluded and away from the mainland, you will see a wide variety of underwater life. The marine life off the Catalina islands is surprising. The Catalinas are well known for rays. You can expect to see not only manta rays, but also rays eagles and stingrays. These unusual marine animals will amaze you with their grace and beauty.

But that's not all. You will see large shoals of tropical fish, sea turtles and white tip sharks.





The Bat Islands in Costa Rica (Isla Murcielago) are truly a paradise for divers. Located about 48 km off the coast of Costa Rica and Santa Rosa National Park, these islands have a wide variety of marine species and are located in the protected area of Santa Rosa Park.

To get to Isla Murcielago it takes about 1 hour of navigation with our magnificent and powerful boats.

We offer this tour between the months of May and November, this time of year is the best time to meet bulldog sharks. If you want to dive with this beautiful animal and you are truly adventurous Big Scare is your best choice to meet these predators.

Other sharks can be found in Bat Island waters such as tiger sharks and white tip sharks, so prepare yourself for breathtaking experiences with these majestic and formidable creatures.




Take time to explore Isla Sombrero with its great variety of fish and incredible marine life.

This dive site is well known for its rays and its topography very different from the other sites. The passage between two falls remains a key moment of this dive because this fabulous landscapes shelter moray eels, stone fish, lobsters, octopus and crabs.
You will see school of tropical fish and you will find yourself flooded in their colors and varieties. The school of barracudas wait for you during your diving in Isla sombrero, and you will be accompanied by marine turtles, white tip sharks and nurse sharks.



 The intrigue of this place for underwater photography will allow you to get incredible photos and memorable memories.




Come and discover this different dive site  compare to any other. El sombrero is a rocky island that is part of the Catalinas Islands.
This rock with its location, its current and its formation makes it one of the perfect places to meet large quantities of fish.
Its original topography and distinct from the other sites, makes it the perfect place to dive with Manta Rays, Stingrays and White Tip Sharks.
You will also find big school of tropical fish and several moray varieties. During your surface intervals, you will be amazed by the jumps of mobula rays using the Catalan Islands as a playground. You will often see these creatures jumping out of the water by hitting the surface. We believed that  they used this practice to remove the parasites from their skin.





Considered one of the best dive sites by PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), Coco Island attracts of course the scuba diving lovers of this discipline who will not be able to lay eyes to face this profusion of fish, cephalopods, crustaceans and marine mammals. Yellowfin, manta rays, sailfish, parrot fish, marlins, giant moray eels, octopus and many sharks leave in this magnificent Marine National Park. hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, white-tipped sharks, coral sharks, silky sharks ... all the sharks on the planet seem to have made an appointment here. If you add a few sea turtles, dolphins, orca and humpback whales, you will understand why divers from around the world dream of discovering Isla del Coco.